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SDSU Research Foundation holds certification ceremony


By: Mario Conde

Students celebrated the culmination of months of work and received their Sustainable Power Plant Operation Certificate from the SDSU Research Foundation.

Around 62 students celebrating the end of their time studying several subjects such as introduction to power plant, supervisory control and date acquisition, introduction to sustainable energy, smart grid, Geothermal Power Generation, Solar and Wind Power Plants, hydro power generation, hydrogen and fuel cells, energy storage, and steam power plant simulator training.

This program gave the students new knowledge about the benefits of power plants and how renewable energy can help the Imperial Valley improve its quality of life and find new avenues for the use of clean energy for the Valley.

John Fahim, instructor, told the students that by taking this course they gave themselves a great service because it would create more professional development for Imperial Valley.

“We are serving both sides of the border because we were able to share very valuable information and technology. We cannot only develop and improve one side of the border because we are a well connected community on both sides. We need to improve the environment on both sides of the border and the progress we did is to share the knowledge and educational opportunities with this program.”

 The San Diego State University Sustainable Energy Center, (SEC) located in the heart of California’s Imperial Valley, America’s epicenter for renewable energy production, promotes excellence in renewable energy research, education, and training. Through its emphasis on synergistic public and private sector partnerships, the Center fosters cutting-edge renewable energy research, provides academic and professional education relevant to California’s energy future, and contributes to the social and economic development of Imperial County.

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