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SDSU Imperial Valley to Expand Student Services


San Diego State University unveiled a new plan to increase investments for student support and retention services, implement a new fee structure and increase student aid and scholarship support for SDSU Imperial Valley that will be implemented over the next five years.

The letter follows a year in which SDSU Imperial Valley has been laying a foundation to better serve the needs of students in its expanding role as the Valley only public, four-year university by adding new B.A. degree programs, a master’s in homeland security degree, hiring four new tenure-track faculty member and adding five new full-time staff members to the Student Affairs team to support student life, advising and well-being.       

Additional degree opportunities being offered in partnership with SDSU’s Global Campus for working adults who need a flexible path to complete a B.S. degree in business or a B.S. degree in childhood development

• The hiring of four new tenure-track faculty members

• The addition of five new full-time staff members to the Student Affairs team

• A campus-wide refresh, repaint, and facilities project, among many others.

Through an alignment with San Diego State University’s strategic plan, a new fee structure is being adopted specifically in support of SDSU Imperial Valley. The goal is to foster an interconnected and equitable SDSU experience for our students, deepen the quality of learning inside and outside of the classroom, and advance student success.

Importantly, current policies do not differentiate fees between SDSU and the SDSU Imperial Valley campuses. SDSU Imperial Valley students have, by default and for many years, not been included in fee structures, nor have they then been eligible to benefit from the increased support and student life. These structures provide essential mental health counseling, academic advising, and new faculty, student-life, and co-curricular opportunities. This exclusion of SDSU Imperial Valley from these structures has resulted in underinvestment in critical resources to meet the needs of SDSU Imperial Valley students.

What this means is that student support and fee structures will be equalized over five years across the two campuses so that SDSU Imperial Valley-specific programs and departments will receive direct funding to improve the education and experiences for students. 

Over the next five years, funds generated will support a range of critical student needs specific to the valley, including culture-specific leadership opportunities; new retention activities; new faculty and staff specifically hired to support SDSU Imperial Valley students, including those who are underrepresented or experiencing financial insecurity; expanded mental health and well-being services, tutoring services and workshops; student life programs and activities; and library support, among other investments. 

SDSU would eventually have a single Campus Fee Advisory Fee committee, now inclusive of representation from SDSU Imperial Valley, following this equalization of fees and the supports they provide for. This future change would be made consistent with University Senate policy. 

Financial Support, Increased Aid Available for all students. 

The university will distribute additional Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund III funds directly to students in August and again in January of this upcoming year, along with other increased financial aid for each semester. Any questions about financial aid, scholarships, or student accounts, please visit the Student Financial Center Virtual Front Desk to be connected with a member of the team.

“We also look forward to hosting a fall semester event in partnership with SDSU Imperial Valley’s Associated Students to talk about these forthcoming supports, and how to access and become engaged in their development,” the letter stated. 

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