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San Diego Press Club Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Excellence in Journalism Awards


San Diego’s thriving community of media professionals came together once again for a night of recognition and celebration at the 50th Annual Excellence in Journalism Awards, hosted by the esteemed San Diego Press Club. The prestigious event unfolded on the evening of October 3, amidst the scenic backdrop of the International Houses in Balboa Park.

In a setting adorned with charming cottages, award-winning journalists and communicators gathered to receive their well-deserved plaques and certificates. As they mingled, they were treated to culinary delights from some of San Diego’s finest restaurants and wineries, adding a touch of culinary elegance to the occasion.

The evening also witnessed the presentation of Special Awards, with the Harold Keen Award for Journalistic Excellence being bestowed upon Diane Bell, and the Andy Mace Award for Excellence in Public Relations being conferred upon Georgeanne Irvine.

One standout among the honorees was Beyond Borders Gazette, which clinched the top spot in the magazine, column/serious topic category. Our winning article delved into the far-reaching consequences of fentanyl in Imperial County, shedding light on its impact on families and the vigorous measures undertaken by the Imperial County District Attorney’s office to prosecute those involved in the drug trade.

A total of over 500 awards spanning 130 categories and 10 divisions were distributed, recognizing the outstanding contributions of San Diego’s finest reporters, writers, artists, photographers, videographers, and public relations professionals. The event also paid homage to the excellence in college media.

The San Diego Press Club proudly stands as one of the nation’s largest clubs dedicated to news communications, boasting a membership of nearly 400 professionals. Offering a unique blend of social engagement and professional growth opportunities, the club is committed to creating a community that caters to the diverse professional and social needs of individuals in the field of news communications, all while upholding principles of integrity and high ethical standards.

In line with its mission, the San Diego Press Club remains steadfast in its dedication to fostering camaraderie, nurturing professional development, facilitating open and constructive communication, delivering the advantages of a premier professional club, and upholding the ethical standards that underpin the field of professional journalism.

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