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San Diego Chamber to Commemorate Binational Excellence at 2023 International Tribute Awards


The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce is set to illuminate the region’s exceptional dedication to binational cooperation by commemorating three outstanding individuals and organizations from San Diego and Baja California. The ceremony will unfold at the highly anticipated 2023 International Tribute Awards on Wednesday, December 13, 2023.

An annual highlight on the Chamber’s calendar, the International Tribute Awards epitomize recognition for exceptional individuals and businesses contributing significantly to the thriving binational initiatives fostering robust connections between the U.S. and Mexican economies.

This year’s esteemed awardees represent the epitome of cross-border excellence:

1. International Business of the Year Award – Recognizing 4 Walls International, an organization committed to environmental initiatives, spearheading transformative projects aimed at enhancing our border community’s sustainability.

2. Cross-Border Collaboration Award – Acknowledging USD’s School of Law for its unwavering commitment to empowering law professors and students across Mexico. Their dedication towards imparting effective trial and mediation skills is pivotal in nurturing successful careers in criminal justice.

3. Cross-Border Legacy Award – Honoring Sally Carrillo, a stalwart public servant whose illustrious career embodies unparalleled dedication and exemplary leadership.

The San Diego Chamber of Commerce has reason to celebrate this year, marking numerous accomplishments in binational endeavors, notably following a fruitful expedition to Mexico City. The mission comprised nearly 90 influential figures, encompassing business leaders and community representatives from San Diego and Baja California. Dignitaries such as Mayor Todd Gloria and San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Nora Vargas formed part of this delegation, fortifying the commitment to bolster U.S.-Mexico relations and advocate for pivotal issues critical to the binational business community’s prosperity.

One pivotal segment of the trip included discussions on water and sustainability. During a dedicated session, delegates were apprised of forthcoming announcements concerning vital infrastructure projects in Tijuana. These initiatives aim to address transboundary pollution adversely affecting our community, including investments in urgently required wastewater treatment plants. Earlier delegations and persistent advocacy facilitated the identification of crucial projects on both sides of the border, paving the way for securing funds from the U.S. and Mexico’s federal governments to expedite their execution.

Sustainability discussions encompassed a spectrum, ranging from the transition towards zero-emission vehicles to enhancing access to renewable energy sources. These conversations showcased private sector-led initiatives and infrastructural projects while reflecting upon Mexico’s evolving energy policies and regulations over time.

Furthermore, delegates engaged in comprehensive dialogues concerning migration’s impacts, holding separate sessions with the US Embassy and Mexico’s National Institute of Migration. Insights revealed ongoing collaborations between federal agencies in Mexico, including the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SRE), focusing on addressing migration’s root causes in Central and South America.

The San Diego Chamber’s journey exemplifies the profound commitment and relentless pursuit of bolstering binational relationships, laying the foundation for enhanced cooperation and mutual prosperity between the United States and Mexico.

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