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San Diego Area Casinos Are Open Again


Long lines at Viejas Casino and Resort were seen this week as casinos opened again.

Weeks have passed since COVID-19 forced businesses and entertainment venues to close down.

As people got anxious to go out and have fun while they try to stop the spread of COVID, the San Diego tribal casinos began to open with strict guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone while allowing people to go to their favorite restaurant, play, and stay at their resort.

One of those was a favorite of Imperial Valley and San Diego residents: Viejas Casino.

As California allowing businesses to open, Casinos have decided to open again to contribute to the reactivation of the economy and allow people to have fun.

To ensure the safety of the clients, Viejas is using UVC Technology, the most efficient and advanced medical-grade cleaning methodology available.

More effective than a topical spray which may only provide a liquid barrier, UVC treatment actually kills viruses and eradicates pathogenic microorganisms.

UVC disinfectant tech is 100% safe. Viejas is deploying this UVC Technology daily, throughout the property, to thoroughly disinfect the air, surface areas, and objects—including shuttle busses, tables, slots, chips, cards, and much more.

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