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Same-sex marriage approved in Baja California

Photo by Photo-Journalist, Victor Medina.

MEXICALI, B.C.- After a bill to grant legality to same-sex marriages was defeated twice, it was approved last week by the Baja California Congress with 18 votes in favor, 4 votes against, and one abstention, the same marriage equality that gives rights to those involved in the civil union.

Thus, this initiative was promoted by the MORENA party to carry out a reform to the Baja California Civil Code stipulated in Opinion 59 and 60, which only allowed the union between a man a woman.

This event is coupled with the fact that same-sex marriage was also approved in Sinaloa, thus, Baja California is added among the 17 local Congresses that have approved this provision in the country. Of the total votes, those who voted against were the two PAN deputies, Loreto Quintero and Eva María Vásquez; as well as Efrén Moreno Rivera from PVEM and Víctor Manuel Morán Hernández, from MORENA.

“What we are looking for is to change paradigms and open space for respect, love, and empathy. That is why my vote is in favor”, said Miriam Cano, from Morena who was the author of this bill.

On the morning of the day of the session, members of the LGBTTTIQ + movement placed a rainbow flag in front of the Baja California congress esplanade, thus they also witnessed it together and celebrated the result for which they had been fighting for more than a decade.

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