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Ryan Kelley Named Chairman of the Imperial County Board of Supervisors


The Imperial County Board of Supervisors voted to appoint Ryan Kelley as Board Chairman for 2019.

The Jan. 8 board meeting was the first one of the year was Jesus Eduardo Escobar had its first meeting as Supervisor District 1. Supervisor Luis Plancarte was elected Vice-Chairman.

Supervisor District 1 Jesus Eduardo Escobar thanked John Renison for these 20 years of service to the city of Calexico and for serving as a member of the city council and county supervisor for eight years. Escobar said he will continue with the work he started two years ago and work to bring good-paying industrial jobs to the valley.

“My district covers mostly Calexico and I look forward to working with the county to bring District 1 to the next level,” Escobar said.

During his initial remarks as chairman, Kelley thanked Raymond Castillo for his leadership and enthusiasm, this past year as chairman of the board. Kelley said the entire board of Supervisors exemplifies a commitment to the community.

“As leaders, we know the most important ingredient in Imperial County’s success has always been our people. Imperial County was built on our shared values of productivity, ingenuity, grit, and commitment to our family,” Kelley said.

The three main points for Imperial County in 2019 according to Kelley will be:

  • Protecting the county’s natural resources-especially water.
  • Ensuring county government is more agile, transparent, and responsive.
  • Delivering the best possible opportunities for everyone, children, and grandchildren, to remain in Imperial County, to thrive, and enjoy our unparalleled quality of life.

“As your chairman, I will work to champion confidence in our government. When we took oath of office, we swore to faithfully discharge our duties, to work for all Imperial County Citizens, and with God’s help, we will”

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