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Rising Violence in Ensenada: The Tragic Murder of Minerva Pérez Castro Sparks Outrage


The afternoon of July 8 marked a somber day for Ensenada as the community mourned the loss of Minerva Pérez Castro, a prominent businesswoman and leader in the fisheries sector. Pérez Castro, president of the National Chamber of the Fishing and Aquaculture Industry (Canainpesca) of Baja California and director of Atenea del Mar, was brutally murdered in an armed attack near El Sauzal.

Initial reports indicate that Pérez Castro was ambushed and shot multiple times as she was leaving her company’s premises. The attack, which resulted in her immediate death, has triggered a massive security operation in the area as authorities investigate the circumstances surrounding this heinous act.

Pérez Castro was a highly respected figure within Ensenada’s business community. Known for her courage and advocacy, she had publicly denounced extortionists threatening the fishing industry for years. In her role as the first female president of Canainpesca in Baja California, Pérez Castro had recently begun her term for 2023-2024, a historic and symbolic achievement for women in the industry.

In her inaugural speech, Minerva expressed her pride and commitment: “It is a pleasure to see more women in decision-making roles. For me, it is an honor to represent this chamber, with Baja California being a state with a strong vocation for fishing activities and one of the most important hubs for aquaculture and mariculture development in the country.”

Her untimely death has not only devastated her family and colleagues but has also raised serious concerns about the safety and security of businesspeople in the region. Minerva participated as a panelist in the 3rd Edition of Mujer de Exito in Ensenada, an event at Hotel Coral y Marina. The Beyond Borders Gazette extends its heartfelt condolences to her family during this difficult time.

This incident is a grim reminder of the escalating violence in Baja California, particularly targeting influential community members. The murder of Pérez Castro is not an isolated case; the region has been grappling with a surge in violent crimes. Recently, the murder of three foreign tourists further highlighted the dire situation.

On May 5, the bodies of two Australian surfers and an American were discovered in a well, approximately 15 meters deep. These tourists had disappeared during a surfing trip on the Baja California peninsula. They were reportedly killed by thieves who intended to steal their van tires. The assailants disposed of the bodies in the well, which also contained the remains of a fourth individual who had been there for a much longer time.

This string of violent incidents underscores a broader issue of insecurity that has plagued Baja California. The brutal nature of these crimes and the increasing threats faced by both locals and tourists alike have amplified calls for stronger security measures and more effective law enforcement.

The community of Ensenada, while reeling from these tragedies, remains resilient. Local leaders and citizens are urging for comprehensive strategies to combat violence and ensure the safety of all residents. The legacy of individuals like Minerva Pérez Castro serves as a poignant reminder of the need for continued advocacy and reform in the face of adversity.

The murder of Minerva Pérez Castro has cast a spotlight on the pervasive issue of violence in Baja California. As the community grapples with grief and anger, there is a renewed call for action to protect those who contribute so significantly to the region’s development and prosperity.

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