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Remember The Homeless This Holiday Season


Imagine sleeping in the street during the winter with a temperature of 57 degrees. Every day, you have to find a decent place to stay or sleep without a blanket wondering where you will eat the following day.

This is what homeless people struggle with every day. They have to sleep in the streets during very cold and very hot days with little or no support from the government. They don’t have a house to stay in or someone to talk to. They have to use public restrooms but with the pandemic, they have nowhere to go.

You have homeless teens in Imperial Valley struggling to get food. You have single mothers that couldn’t give presents to their children this year but they continue to be together to celebrate.

Some people will spend their holidays in a ventilator in the hospital this Christmas and New Year with COVID-19. Most of them, unfortunately, will not make it to see the light of day again.

This Christmas season is one of the coldest winters in a while and while you are complaining about the bad year it was and not being able to go on vacation due to COVID-19, you are more blessed than you think.

You have a house to stay in.

You have food in a refrigerator.

You have a bed.

You have a television.

You have a shower.

You are blessed.

Sure, your year might have been difficult as you lost working hours in your jobs, struggled financially but you still go back to your family each day and enjoy an evening. There are little things you should cherish this difficult year because you were able to make it through. The difficult times will continue through 2021 but remember that you are lucky and blessed, and you will make it. Some people living in the streets are wishing to have what you have.

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