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Regional Agreement to Boost Supply in Baja California Was Signed


The Canacintra Northwest Block signed an agreement with the government of Baja California called the “BC Supply Chain Memorandum of Understanding”, which seeks to boost regional supply.

Governor Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda; Kurt Honold Morales, Secretary of Economy and Innovation of the state; as well as the presidents of the different Canacintra delegations in the entity: Lic. Jorge Figueroa Barrozo (Tijuana), Lic. Alberto Sánchez Torres (Mexicali); Eng. Héctor Manuel Núñez García (Tecate); and Eng. Ragnar Gutiérrez Abarca (Ensenada).

In an interview with Mr. Alberto Sánchez Torres, president of Canacintra Mexicali and Northwest regional vice president of Canacintra Nacional said that the signing of this memorandum of understanding is in favor of strengthening local supply in Baja California.

“Today, the investors who seek to settle in our entity seek that the supply chains are well armed, well strengthened, and it is a situation in which we are committed to working as the industrial sector that we represent,” he pointed out.

The four delegations that make up the Canacintra Northwest block have very clear guidelines, he said, to strengthen supply chains and promote the industrialization of the state.

“We need to create more industry so that young people turn to the industrial sector as a development opportunity and that they have the support to be able to undertake in this very important sector because it is a preponderant economic activity in the entity,” he said.

The leader pointed out that the signing of the memorandum shows the first step to the hard work that must be done by the industrial sector, together with the state government.

Each municipality has different vocations, he noted, so depending on the type of investment, it is where it is directed, for example, Mexicali has industrial gas, so in that municipality, the transformation of heavy industry occurs, while the Manufacture is from Tijuana, as well as Tecate and Ensenada.

 “We have to look for the specific selection for the profile of each municipality and thus improve in the areas that are required in each city so that Baja California as a whole is an attractive destination since there is barely a 3% participation in the supply of the big industry”, he stressed.

Finally, the leader assured that one of the purposes is to migrate to high technology centers, where collaborators can aspire to better salaries and that this translates into a better quality of life for the population.

Also present at the signing of the memorandum were Jesús Manuel Salayandía, National Vice President of Border Strips of Canacintra, Edgardo Flores Campbell Vice President of Security against piracy and smuggling, and Lic. Enoch Castellanos Ferez, Former National President of Canacintra.

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