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Reforestation campaign in Valle de Guadalupe


The Government of the State of Baja California, the XXIII City Council of Ensenada, through Carmen Lidia Salazar Guerra Councilor, President of the Ecology and Environment Commission, and the Provino Baja California Committee join forces to reforest the Guadalupe Valley. As part of the actions of the “Reforesting Ensenada” Program, the goal is to plant 4,000 thousand trees in the most important Wine Route area of ​​the country.

The start-up protocol took place this Monday, January 11, 2021, at the Viña de Liceaga facilities with the presence of Councilor Carmen Salazar Guerra, President of the Ecology and Environment Commission of the Ensenada City Council, Héctor Villalobos Director of the Directorate of Urban Administration, Ecology and Environment of the City of Ensenada, BC, Mauricio Cantú Barajas Secretary of the Provino Baja California Committee, on behalf of the Director of Agriculture and Livestock of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security of the Government of The State was attended by Mr. José Quiroz in charge of the Ensenada nursery, Lic. Fátima Mendoza Municipal Delegate of El Porvenir, as well as other government personalities and representatives of the wine sector.

During the day, the official delivery to wine producers of this first stage was made, 302 trees out of a total of 849. The species are albizia, acacia, Brazilian lollipop, ash, and piocha, all of them highly adaptable to the weather conditions they present area. The wineries that at the moment have joined to plant these trees on their estates are Cavas Valmar, Château Camou, Clos de Tres Cantos, Concert Enológico, Rondo del Valle, Sierra Vita, Vena Cava, Vinícola Maglen, Vinícola Ojo Azul, Vinícola Shedeh, Vinisterra, Viña de Liceaga, Viñedos Las Nubes, Vinícola Tres Mujeres and Rancho Kastamay.

Unfortunately, Ensenada has a deficit of green areas, international standards indicate that it should have nine square meters of green area per inhabitant, however, in the municipality, there are only 1.86 m2 per inhabitant. That is why programs like this allow the generation of green infrastructure in the region, therefore, it is essential to work as a team to successfully carry out this work and guarantee that the trees that are being donated by government parties grow optimally on the properties where they will be planted.

The deliveries of trees by the State Government and the XXIII Ensenada City Council will continue during the first quarter of the year since it is the ideal season for this planting process and the Provino Committee of Baja California will continue to add other wine producers to reach the goal of reforestation in the wine valleys.

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