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Reading, an excellent activity for children this summer

By: Ellie Burgueño

Summer arrived and school break too. For those of us who are parents, there’s also the concern of how to occupy our children’s time at home this summer. Children should do something and what better than instilling the pleasure of reading while also enjoying a relaxing vacation.

Summer vacation can be either a learning wasteland or a learning paradise. The temptations are great for children to spend hours watching television or playing video games, but with a little ingenuity and planning, the summer can be transformed into a time to stretch the mind, explore new hobbies, learn about responsibility and build on skills learned during the school year.

While looking for a good summer course that includes involving children in physical activity, or maybe looking for an art course such as drawing, painting, singing, guitar, piano or maybe dancing or a summer children’s camp, there’s also the great option to encourage our children to read during their free time.

Reading is a skill that children must master in order to be successful in school. Since reading is required to understand most other topics. Most of a child’s learning is achieved by reading on the blackboard or in books and magazines that their teacher shares with them at school. The ability to read is crucial, but beyond reading for learning in school, which is very important, reading will allow children to develop their imagination and their creative abilities.

Reading can be entertaining, fun and also enjoyable. It is much more beneficial for the child to spend at least one hour reading or engaging in activities that include reading such as storytelling, participating in board games or simply reading, allowing their imagination to visualize the stories read.

Parents should look for and choose games and activities that contain reading and actively participate with their children to achieve a positive result and motivate them to read. In addition to the contact they have with you during reading time, your child is developing useful communication skills by observing the interactions between the characters in the books. It is also a great opportunity to spend quality time together and bond with your child. Children will be fascinated to see papa and mama reading the stories they sometimes see on television, or discover new and interesting words, they will understand that reading is much more fun than it seems.

Reading is enriching! Invest your children’s time well this summer.

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