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ProVino shares support results to the rescue bodies in Valle de Guadalupe

  • Thanks to the combined efforts of the community, the national and southern California gastronomic sector, organizations and festivals in Mexico, as well as wine producers, the infrastructure of the El Porvenir Volunteer Firefighters have been benefited.

Ensenada, Baja California. – “United for Valle de Guadalupe” is a fundraising campaign led by the Provino Baja California Committee that arises as a result of the fires in October 2019 in which, according to CONAFOR figures, 6,300 hectares were affected causing loss of housing, farm animals, pets and human lives, which showed the courage and dedication of the Volunteer Firefighters as well as the lack of infrastructure at the El Provenir station to face this type of contingency.

Responding to the same call of support, citizens, the local, national, southern California gastronomic sector, organizations and festivals in Mexico, as well as wine producers, held fundraising events in Ensenada, Valle de Guadalupe, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City, and San Diego, California, managing to collect the sum of $1,089, 339.92 pesos, which has been earmarked for:

  • Infrastructure:

– Purchase of Fire Extinguishers (for firefighters): Detroit Diesel model 60 Series engine, for 6 passengers, Hale pump, Allison HD 4060P transmission, with a capacity of 1500 gallons per minute, 600-gallon tank, emergency lights, electronic siren, wheels metal with simulators, 2 pre-connected lines, 1 red reel line, and 24-foot aluminum ladder.

– Rescue unit: Pick up GMC model 1991, c-1500. It allows moving more equipment to fire areas.

– ATV purchase: Yamaha Grizly 4×4.

– Linking with the UABC Faculty of Architecture and developing a preliminary project for the construction of a decent and functional station.

  • Training and equipment:

– Partnership with the “Bi-National Fire Program” from the San Diego Fire Department, in California, with support in structural personal protective equipment and training of Volunteer Firefighters. In turn, collaboration in the planning of construction of the new station.

– “First aid: trauma and emergency control” taught by José Luis Cosío.

– “Search, rescue and fire behavior”, taught by Alfonso Villegas.

– Training for the correct use and maintenance of the extinguishing machine (firefighter) given by Javier Meléndrez.

– Purchase of uniforms: T-shirts and sweatshirts with institutional embroidery.

– Purchase of spare parts for units: Stake F9 (used to transport water during fires), Suburban model 1997 4×4 Chevrolet truck k2500 (used as the first response in car accidents and traffic jams) and Ambulance type II model 1988 diesel.

– Bodywork, automotive paint, and lettering of all units.

– Purchase of personal forest protection equipment (in the process).

  • Operating costs:

– Payroll is equivalent to one week for 12 firefighters who fought the largest fire in 2019.

– Fuel support: Gasoline and diesel for all units.

– Cleaning supplies and sanitary supplies.

– Administrative staff.

– Support with pantries throughout the health contingency.

  • Prevention:

– Detection of vulnerable points and a high risk of fire.

– Prototyping to identify these points.

– Development of a fire prevention campaign in the area.

Fire prevention campaign

This summer and when the Santa Ana wind conditions appear, they are particularly alarming due to the abundant rainfall during the winter that generated a high growth of wild vegetation that is highly flammable. In this sense, the Committee came in coordination with the Ensenada XXIII City Council and “For a Valley of Truth”, they will be starting a digital campaign that promotes the prevention of forest fires through three lines of communication:

4) Create responsibility: Fires in the area are usually caused by human activity almost entirely.

5) Prevention: Carry out cleaning and weeding in buildings, avoiding burning garbage, bonfires, and throw lit butts.

6) Alerts: Warn the population about the high risk of fire when Santa Ana winds appear.

Endorsing the commitment that the Provino Baja California Committee has with the community of wine valleys and the effort to achieve sustainable and comprehensive development within the area, the rest of the population is invited to become aware of these actions, join and from then contribute to the reduction of this type of claims.

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