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“Privatizing or Concessioning Water Services represents a Serious Risk,” said Díaz-Bautista


-Quality of water services and the lowest price in Baja California should be maintained.

BAJA CALIFORNIA.- “A new culture of water is urgently needed to stop wasting the vital liquid,” warned Dr. Alejandro Díaz Bautista, an economist, professor and researcher at Colef, as well as a national researcher at CONACYT.

Water is an economic good, so industry, commerce and households must urgently start a water saving program.

Water is an essential primary necessity, and the right to drinking water is recognized by all, a right that passes through the fairest distribution of this scarce resource.

He mentioned that the problem of water scarcity on the northern border of Mexico and Baja California is due to the inadequate management of the resource that has been given in the past, not recently.

During 2017, alternatives to supply and involve society more on water management in Baja California and throughout the country should be analyzed.

In the United States and Europe, public water services have been the basis of political and financial stability necessary to promote industrialization process. Government efforts in water and sanitation services during the 19th and 20th centuries ended the proliferation of diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever and parasites. Therefore, by promoting water projects, the government promoted public health. Recently, however, large corporations persuaded communities in the United States to transfer control of water to the private sector. These companies promised to provide funding to develop better distribution services and better water service. However, multinationals systematically raised prices and costs despite the poor quality of the service they provided

agua-potableOther reasons why privatization of water in the United States did not work was the increase in water rates. For private corporations, water is a great business opportunity. Often, the first action taken by these companies is to raise prices, making water inaccessible to people with limited resources. There is a deterioration in water quality. Private corporations are pushing regulatory agencies to block any attempt to improve water quality standards because they are expensive. Customer service is often affected when private corporations take control. Private companies seek to be efficient, dismissing employees, which leads to poor quality in services. Corruption increases, while compliance in private water services decreases.

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