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Powering Progress: IID and City of Indio Launch Innovative Electric Partnership


The Imperial Irrigation Board of Directors took a significant step forward during a special meeting on Tuesday, unanimously approving four separate agreements. These agreements will pave the way for the construction of new electrical substations and the upgrade of existing ones, ultimately energizing development projects within the City of Indio through a groundbreaking joint electric financing authority.

The visionary move was hailed by IID Board President Alex Cardenas, who emphasized its importance in ensuring that IID’s system aligns with the growing opportunities in the City of Indio. The unanimous approval of these agreements was the result of months of creative and constructive collaboration between the City of Indio and IID, signifying a commitment to working closely with partners in the Coachella Valley for collective success now and into the future.

The City of Indio echoed these sentiments, expressing their gratitude for the positive relationships developed during this journey. City of Indio Councilmember Elaine Holmes highlighted the historic nature of this partnership and the invaluable support and collaboration provided by IID.

This partnership has given birth to the Indio Electric Financing Authority (the Authority), governed by a Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement. This entity is tasked with the responsibility of providing and enhancing electrical service within the territorial boundaries of the City of Indio. The unique collaboration between the Authority and IID involves the procurement of essential infrastructure such as transformers. IID, in turn, is entrusted with the procurement, design, engineering, construction, operation, maintenance, and repair of projects up to the point of connection.

The projects in this ambitious venture include:

• Avenue 40 Project – Encompassing the construction of a new electrical substation with up to two transformer banks at an estimated cost of $19.8 million.

• Northgate Project – Involving the construction of a new electrical substation with up to two transformer banks at an approximate cost of $18.7 million.

• Avenue 42 Project – Entailing the construction of one additional electrical substation bank and post-project condition assessment of three transformer banks, with a budget of around $12.1 million.

• Carreon Project – Focused on expanding the existing substation with the construction of up to two additional transformer banks, requiring an investment of roughly $18.7 million.

This groundbreaking partnership between IID and the City of Indio signifies a commitment to innovation and progress, ensuring a reliable and efficient electrical infrastructure that will serve the community for years to come.

It is clear that the collaboration between IID and the City of Indio holds the promise of a brighter future. The shared commitment to excellence and sustainability in electrical service underscores the significance of this partnership. Together, we are poised to meet the region’s growing needs and unlock new opportunities, ensuring a thriving and prosperous City of Indio for generations to come.

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