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People Are Eating Healthier During The Pandemic


People are eating healthier, cooking their own food, and consuming more fruit and vegetables, according to preliminary results from a worldwide Corona Cooking Survey.

People are staying home to work and going to a local restaurant is a thing of the past for now. With people staying at home, there is more home cooking being done.

According to NPR, “Just about every restaurant nationwide has been hit hard at once, making this disaster unique.” Industry experts warned that many small businesses would not be able to recover from closures without help from the government. Impact on the greater economy was as of March 17 expected to be large as Americans have in recent years spent more at restaurants than at grocery stores.

The new normal will now be cooking at home and eating healthier away from junk food and fast-food restaurants.

Based on the analysis of answers to the survey by 11,000 people in 11 countries, consumers reported fewer purchases of microwave-prepared foods and fewer purchases of sweet and salty snacks.

Furthermore, the study, conducted by the University of Antwerp in collaboration with U. Ghent and U. Leuven, is revealing that as more people rely less on Lean Cuisine and Stouffer’s, the act of cooking in their kitchens has become more of a habit as workers are banished from their office buildings and spend more time at home.

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