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Parade Brings Back the Magic of Christmas to Calexico


The Calexico Christmas Parade returns after a four-year hiatus, marking its highly anticipated comeback following pauses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and financial constraints. Both residents and visitors longed for this annual tradition.

Beyond being a mere display of lights and floats, the parade serves as a platform for local businesses, organizations, and schools to showcase creativity and spread joy. It also signifies the successful culmination of a year for companies and schools.

The streets filled early with citizens eager to enjoy the parade and the school band’s music. In the end, children and families left with smiles, knowing a crucial tradition was back.

“I’m enjoying every minute; I love the music and the displays,” said Gabriela Ochoa from Calexico, attending with her mom and son, Emmanuel.

The Grand Marshal of the parade was Mr. Calexico himself, John Moreno, a prominent figure in the community for 36 years within Calexico’s schools, serving in various roles from teacher to sports director and soccer coach. Born and raised in Calexico, Moreno is a proud graduate of Calexico High School, Imperial Valley College, and San Diego State University. His community roots extend to the family-owned Super Shopping store.

Moreno has not only been an influential figure in education but also the beloved host of the parade since 1983, captivating audiences with his charisma and deep connection to the city.

“We are confident that investments in events like this will continue in the general fund,” stated Mayor Raúl Ureña, eagerly awaiting the new year. Councilman Camilo García echoed the sentiment: “We’re thrilled to do this again and see everyone enjoying it.”

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