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PAN Senators present 10 priority actions for Mexico, which will be promoted in the ordinary period

  • End of impunity, Autonomous Prosecutor’s Office and promotion of employment, among the priorities to be promoted.
  • Reduction in the price of gasoline and VAT at the border to 8%, it’s also within the priorities.

The Parliamentary Group of National Action Party in the Senate of the Republic undertook to promote ten priority actions in favor of Mexico in the sessions of the ordinary period that just begins, among which are the end to impunity, an independent Prosecutor’s Office, and employment promotion.

The senators of the PAN party will give priority to the decision to achieve zero tolerance for corruption and seek to end impunity, strengthening the law which turns into a reality that whoever steals the money of Mexicans pays with jail and the stolen it’s recovered.

All the legislators and the PAN legislators agree to achieve true justice with an independent Public Prosecutor’s Office that has no relationship with political parties.

Another of the actions in the list of priorities is to eliminate officials’ privileges and unnecessary expenses, with a true plan of austerity, and the elimination of the jurisdiction for all public servants.

Likewise, they will seek peace and security for Mexicans, with more capable police officers and coordination among themselves, through the mixed command scheme, and a new Citizen Security Secretary.

Also, there is the decision to guarantee access to quality health for all Mexicans.

The parliamentary group says “no to gasolinazo” and raises taxes on gasoline, to support the family economy, as well as supporting the economy of the entire border with the reduction of VAT to 8%.

One of the priorities is to promote quality and intercultural education, with trained teachers and quality content.

In accordance with the new realities, they will give priority to guarantee access to the Internet and new technologies for all students, including the delivery of an electronic tablet for each of them in high school and university.

Of course, they include the commitment to authentic democracy and respect for human rights. Ensuring that the next government is respectful of institutions, public liberties, federalism, separation of powers and autonomous bodies, as well as promoting respect for human rights, gender equality and an authentic rule of law.

The PAN Parliamentary Group in the Senate is composed of Martha Márquez Alvarado and Juan Antonio Martín del Campo, of Aguascalientes; Gina Andrea Cruz Blackledge, from Baja California; María Guadalupe Saldaña Cisneros, from Baja California Sur; Gustavo Enrique Madero Muñoz, from Chihuahua; Kenia López Rabadán and Bertha Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz, from Mexico City, and Josefina Vázquez Mota, from the State of Mexico.

Also, Alejandra Noemí Reynoso Sánchez and José Erandi Bermúdez Méndez, from Guanajuato; Gloria Elizabeth Núñez Sánchez, from Nayarit; Víctor Oswaldo Fuentes Solís, from Nuevo León; Rafael Moreno Valle and Nadia Navarro Acevedo, from Puebla; Mauricio Kuri González and María Guadalupe Murguía Gutiérrez, from Querétaro; Mayuli Latifa Martínez Simón, from Quintana Roo, and Marco Antonio Gama Basarte, from San Luis Potosí.

Also, the coordinator, Damián Zepeda Vidales, from Sonora; Ismael García Cabeza de Vaca, from Tamaulipas; Minerva Hernández Ramos, from Tlaxcala; Julen Rementería del Puerto and Indira by Jesús Rosales San Román, from Veracruz, and Raúl Paz Alonso, from Yucatán.

The 10 actions by Mexico are part of the Legislative Agenda developed by the GPPAN in the Senate, which seeks to improve the quality of life of Mexicans and defend citizen interests.

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