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LETICIA MANCERA PICEvery day relations and everything that surrounds us being these people, duties or personal belongings act upon our thoughts, feelings and emotions. These possessions affect our emotional state.

Put on a scale whatever surrounds us and weigh it, contemplate it and see  if this makes us happy, if this permits us to grow as human beings integrated with ALL, with the higher SELF with GOD.

Just as we can set our cell phone in “airplane mode” or “mute” we should activate ourselves in “ happy mode”.  Today I decide to be happy despite my environment.

Let´s live in “happy mode” free from hate in the mist of the hateful, let´s remain free from hate in the mist of those who hate.  Also free from sickness and non peacefulness in the mist of the sick and restless.  Internal peace is not obtained by rejecting the world of sickness and restlessness, but by living in it without becoming a slave to the world that surrounds us.  These are the teachings of the Dharmmapada.  It tells us to live in happy mode without possessions, feeding only on joy.

Our emotions are experiences that become feelings.  An emotion is an instant event and the feeling is what´s left within us. Choose to be happy. Clean your thoughts, the less possessions the less distractions and pending tasks. The less  you´ll think about them.

Let´s begin making our inventory of everything we have and eliminate what´s not useful to you.  The easiest way  to begin with is cleaning your closets or clothing drawers. Do a simple job of detachment and throw or pass on what you  haven´t used at least once in a month. Put in order all your personal belongings.  Exterior order brings internal order.

relations n feelings in yoga 2The same happens with our relationships, these being affective or simple work relations.  If you don´t visit someone or they don´t visit you, this relation is not necessary.  If their presence makes us feel uneasy, this relation is not meant for you.  Ask yourself, does this relation makes me feel happy? Is it only economical stability?  A forced economical stability many times unbalances us and draws us away from joy and plenitude.

Everything in the universe has two sides, the bright and dark side, feminine and masculine, the ying and yang, light and shadow. These need too be in balance. One should not weigh more than the other. Each individual is different and has a specific role.  We are not all destined to have material abundance in terms of money.  A balanced society needs  the businessman, as well as the tailor, shoemaker or cook.  Abundance also manifests in beauty and art.  Every society needs the diversity of talents.

Find out which are your talents and share them with your fellow men. Dedicate yourself to them and be happy.


Leticia Mancera Ortega


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