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Norma Bustamante Ready to Receive Municipal Administration


Mexicali Mayor-Elect Norma Bustamante said her team is moving forward in a formal way to carry out an orderly, complete, and timely transition during the Installation of the Commission for Delivery and Reception of Public Affairs and Resources of the Municipality of Mexicali, Baja California.

“Mexicali residents can have the peace of mind that their human, financial, material, documentary, technological resources, and the assets of the City Council, will be delivered and received following the law and transparency.”

In this sense, the mayor-elect recognized the openness and coordination of the current administration to start the transition works, she also stressed that her team is fully prepared so that this process is carried out under the highest technical and legal standards.

Norma Bustamante made clear her willingness and that of her team to work with total professionalism, as she said, they are exemplary, honest, committed people with a proven ability to receive the information from each of the departments that they have entrusted.

On behalf of the Reception Commission were: Norma Alicia Bustamante Martínez, elected Mayor; Héctor Israel Ceseña Mendoza, Elected Attorney General; Ricardo Ledesma Ochoa, Technical Secretary of the Reception Commission;  Netzahualcóyotl Jauregui Santillán, Francisco Javier Altamira Rodríguez and Daniel Humberto Valenzuela Alcocer.

For the Delivery Commission were: María Guadalupe Mora Quiñonez, Municipal President; Manuel Zamora Moreno, Secretary of the City Council; Víctor Daniel Amador Barragán, Municipal Treasurer; Karla María Castillo Madrid, Senior Officer and Francisco Xavier Valenzuela Araque, Coordinator of Directors.

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