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Nominations Open for the “Woman Entrepreneur Award” in Baja California


The Tijuana Tourism and Conventions Committee (Cotuco) recently announced the launch of nominations for the prestigious Woman Entrepreneur Award. This esteemed recognition aims to celebrate and honor women who have made remarkable strides in their entrepreneurial journey. Nominations will remain open until July 20, welcoming entries from accomplished women with successful business careers.

During a press conference, Fermín García Alvarado, treasurer of Cotuco, emphasized the significance of supporting initiatives that foster economic growth and regional development, as they ultimately benefit the wider community. “We are delighted to announce this call for nominations, which seeks to acknowledge and appreciate women who have fearlessly ventured into entrepreneurship and achieved remarkable success. We wholeheartedly invite women from the tourism sector to participate in this remarkable opportunity,” he stated.

Laura Franco, director of the Award, expressed her excitement for the resumption of the Women Entrepreneurship Award, which previously debuted in 2019 but was interrupted due to the pandemic. She noted that the award has now expanded from a municipal level to a state-owned platform, making it even more influential and inclusive.

Franco emphasized the importance of recognizing and showcasing the women who have transformed their entrepreneurial endeavors into lifelong careers. “This award aims to highlight and celebrate the fact that entrepreneurship becomes a path for personal and professional growth. We want to honor the effort, journey, and stories of these inspiring women who have turned their dreams into successful ventures, motivating others to follow suit,” she explained.

The director revealed that 22 exceptional women are expected to compete in each of the seven categories: Art and Culture, Product, Service, Tourism, Beauty, Gastronomy, and Health. From these remarkable candidates, only two finalists will emerge in each category.

Winners of the Woman Entrepreneur Award will be rewarded with extensive media coverage to promote their businesses. Therefore, it is essential that nominees have a formal business registration and a minimum operating history of 12 months. The grand finale and award ceremony will take place on August 31, creating a platform for the winners to showcase their achievements to a broader audience.

Laura Franco extended a warm invitation to women entrepreneurs from all corners of the state to apply for this esteemed award. Applications can be submitted free of charge through the official website www.galardonmujeremprendedora.com. For further details and inquiries, interested individuals can contact 664-123-9724.

The Woman Entrepreneur Award serves as a beacon of inspiration, recognizing the exceptional accomplishments of women entrepreneurs in the region and inspiring countless others to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

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