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New Requirements to Enter Europe Will Take Effect in 2024


There will be new rules for those of that want to travel to Europe as U.S. passport holders will have to apply for entry authorization starting in 2024.

All visitors who previously traveled visa-free to Europe, such as visitors from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many others, will need approval by the European Travel Information and Authorisation System to enter any member country such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain along with other ETIAS member countries.

This strict new requirement for European electronic travel authorization is in response to the increasing terrorist threat within Europe, to strengthen border controls and checks on all visitors before their arrival. The move will see passengers questioned about their travel plans within Europe.

Any traveler who fails to obtain an ETIAS will not be permitted to board a plane or cruise ship to an ETIAS member country.

Starting in 2024, some 1.4 billion people from over 60 visa-exempt countries are required to have travel authorization to enter most European countries.

ETIAS travel authorization is an entry requirement for visa-exempt nationals traveling to any of these 30 European countries. It is linked to a traveler’s passport. It is valid for up to three years or until the passport expires, whichever comes first. If you get a new passport, you need to get a new ETIAS travel authorization.

With a valid ETIAS travel authorization, you can enter the territory of these European countries as often as you want for short-term stays – normally for up to 90 days in any 180 days. However, it does not guarantee entry. When you arrive, a border guard will ask to see your passport and other documents and verify that you meet the entry conditions.

Most applications are processed within minutes.

It is possible however that your application may take longer to process. If so, you will receive a decision within four days. Please note that this period could be extended by up to 14 days if you are requested to provide additional information or documentation, or up to 30 days if you are invited to an interview. This is why you should apply for an ETIAS travel authorization well in advance of your planned journey.

You will receive an email confirming the submission of your application which will include your unique ETIAS application number: make sure you keep this number for future reference.

Once your application has been processed, you will receive another email informing you about its outcome.

When you get your ETIAS travel authorization please make sure your name, passport number, and other information are correct: if there is any mistake, you will not be allowed to cross the border.

If your application is refused, the email will provide the reasons for this decision. It will also include information about how to appeal, details of the competent authority, as well as the relevant time limit to appeal.

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