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National Assembly of FAPERMEX and CONALIPE took place in Mexico City


The 21st National Congress of the Federation of Associations of Mexican Journalists, AC (FAPERMEX), and the National College of Graduates in Journalism, AC (CONALIPE), recently held their national assembly, marking a significant gathering for the Mexican journalism community.

Eva Joaquina Guerrero Ríos, the President of FAPERMEX, delivered a comprehensive report on her activities, highlighting her efforts in fostering academic and journalistic exchanges with sister groups in Cuba and Venezuela. These initiatives will culminate in planned visits and exchanges with communicators from both countries in the coming year.

Eva Guerrero’s report also noted her extensive involvement in various federal entities, including her key role in the reintroduction of the Chihuahua Journalists Forum, headed by Rafael Cano, and the Association of Journalists of Ciudad de Juárez, led by Eduardo Borunda.

A significant moment during the event was the swearing-in of the Journalists and Communicators groups of Mexico, represented by Judith Álamo and Arnulfo Domínguez. They pledged to provide the documentation validating their legal formation in the upcoming Board of Directors. The group, led by Judith Álamo, is composed of communicators who oppose impositions and anti-democratic practices. Judith Álamo also presented a compelling statement of purpose and formalized their association with FAPERMEX.

Additionally, the State Association of Sonoran Journalists, AC, was represented by Gregorio Ramírez Valdez. This addition further strengthens the presence of Sonora within the journalism community. The group has a longstanding history since 1976 and holds a significant presence in various regions in the northern part of the country.

Teodoro Rentería Arróyave, President of the National College of Graduates in Journalism, highlighted the significance of the “Ricardo Flores Magón” Mexico Journalism Award. This award represents a culmination of decades of effort to secure genuine recognition among peers. It symbolizes the unity and shared objectives of the journalism community and, in particular, the enduring partnership between FAPERMEX and the subsequent creation of CONALIPE, which involved the professionalization of nearly a thousand communicators across Mexico.

Rentería Arróyave urged the elimination of the culture of “non-payment,” emphasizing that this attitude poses a threat to the existence of any group. The call for change garnered immediate support from many attendees.

Furthermore, Rentería Arróyave highlighted key agreements reached in past Board of Directors meetings, including the rotation of leadership within the Federation between women and men. He also stressed the importance of privileging and respecting the principles of democratic practice.

During the event, awards were presented for various journalistic genres, recognizing outstanding work within the field. Additionally, career achievement awards were given to seasoned journalists with 50 or more years of experience, recognizing their enduring contributions to journalism. 

Eva Guerrero Ríos, President of FAPERMEX, and Teodoro Rentería Arróyave, President of CONALIPE, jointly led the ceremony, emphasizing the strong unity and collaboration between the two organizations. They were accompanied by secretaries Oscar Alviso Olmeda and María Consuelo Eguía, as well as the Vice President of the College, Teodoro Raúl Rentería Villa. Ellie Burgueno, Director of Beyond Borders Gazette, also serves as a National Board member for FAPERMEX, playing a vital role within the International Affairs Commission and in fostering binational connections.

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