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Mexico and the United States will celebrate 200 years of bilateral relations

By: Dr. Alejandro Diaz-Bautista, Economist and Researcher (Ph.D.).

Later this year, Mexico and the United States will celebrate 200 years of bilateral relations.

The High-Level Economic Dialogue between Mexico and the United States (DEAN) is reactivated.

Family, cultural, commercial, and economic ties between Mexico and the United States drive us to explore new ways to facilitate legitimate trade and travel across our shared border through the modernization of our infrastructure, and partnerships with private and business facilitation programs.

The United States and Mexico remain committed to a joint, multi-year, bilateral effort to modernize border infrastructure along our nearly 2,000-mile border, leveraging the U.S. Infrastructure Act and Mexico’s $1.5 billion commitment to strengthen infrastructure, bring border communities together, and make the two-way flow of commerce and people safer and more efficient.

To secure the tools for future economic prosperity, Mexico and the United States are working to support regulatory compatibility and risk mitigation in the information and communications technology (ICT), cybersecurity, telecommunications, and infrastructure sectors.

Through mechanisms including the US-Mexico Task Force on Cyber ​​Issues, both governments are coordinating to strengthen our cybersecurity protections in global supply chains and address cybersecurity challenges, through best practices and standards of the international industry, and continue to cooperate in the deployment of ICT infrastructure, including 5G networks.

Mexico and the United States promote initiatives that expand collaboration in education and technical training;  they invest in entrepreneurs, support small and medium-sized companies;  and improve access to economic opportunities for women, youth, indigenous people, and members of the LGBTQI+ community.

Mexico and the United States remain committed to building a more inclusive workforce that recognizes that all of our citizens must benefit from economic growth. The DEAN seeks to advance the strategic economic, social, and commercial priorities that are central to promoting regional economic growth, job creation, investment in people, and the reduction of inequalities and poverty in all its dimensions.

Among the agreements reached in this relaunch, the creation of a bilateral working group on Supply Chains stands out to identify areas of complementarity in new and existing chains, adhering to the interests of each country.

The DEAN will maintain close communication and collaboration with the private sector, academia, and civil society to consider their feedback on the progress of existing initiatives and the inclusion of future ones.

The DEAN is intended to be a mechanism in constant evolution where the technical teams will work throughout the year on the implementation of the initiatives and will have a six-monthly review at the level of undersecretaries or heads of unit and annual meetings at the Secretary of State level.

The importance of the exchange in financial, scientific, and humanistic education and the preparation and training for the jobs of the future was insisted on. With the DEAN, Mexico and the United States reaffirm their commitment to regional economic integration and recognize the importance of maintaining the strategic and close collaboration that has historically characterized our countries.

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