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Mexicali Residents Win Two National Tourism Awards


During the 46th edition of the “Tourist Tianguis” held in Acapulco, the city of Mexicali participated through the Tourism and Conventions Committee (COTUCO).

In this regard, COTUCO Director Nancy Paola Minor Ibarra indicated that it is an achievement for the Government of Mexicali to attend this important event, in which tourism products are promoted to the more than 700 invited companies for 4 days.

She also highlighted the national awards received by Aldo Gutiérrez, with the “Baja Coast to Coast” tour, in the category of sports tourism product, as well as Rubén Ernesto Hernández Chen, with the tours of “Origins and Secrets of La Chinesca”, in the cultural tourism category.

Minor Ibarra, explained that these awards will be delivered next Wednesday, May 25, likewise, he highlighted that of the seven categories that reward the innovation of the Mexican tourism product, the capital of Baja California takes two awards in this edition.

The director of COTUCO congratulated Mexicali for creating and developing this kind of activities that position the city at a national and international level, in addition, they allow, as in the case of the “Origins of Chinesca” tour, to learn the history of the first residents of Mexicali along with its economic development.

On the other hand, the crossing “Coast to Coast” visitors live a comprehensive experience, in which, Adixion tour offers tourists for three days all the facilities such as camping, food, massages, among others, to travel a path of 110 kilometers to cross “La Baja”, from the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of ​​Cortez.

Finally, she commented that Cachanilla craft beer is currently being exhibited, such as the Hornet brewery, which seeks to continue strengthening Mexicali as the capital of this drink, for which it invites citizens to continue attending events and consuming locally.

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