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Mexicali Microbrewers Association Elects Trailblazing Female President: Kenia Vidal


Mexicali, Baja California.- In a momentous occasion for the craft brewing industry, the Association of Microbrewers of Mexicali, affectionately known as Chicali Brewers, witnessed a historic change of command as Kenia Vidal took the oath of office as its first-ever female president.

Breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings, Vidal’s election marks a significant step forward for both the Association and the craft brewing community in Mexicali and Baja California. The inauguration ceremony, held at the esteemed El Sume venue in Mexicali, was a testament to the growing inclusivity within the industry.

With unwavering determination and a passion for her craft, Kenia Vidal Garcia steps into her role as president, expressing her immense joy and anticipation for what lies ahead.

“Aside from being skilled brewers, these individuals are exceptional human beings who have nurtured their businesses and families right here in Mexicali. Together, we will continue the legacy of Chicali Brewers and propel it to even greater heights,” Vidal proclaimed confidently.

During his tenure, the outgoing president reflected on the achievements of the Association and expressed his satisfaction with the work accomplished thus far. Exciting new projects are now on the horizon, promising to further elevate the organization’s profile in the short term.

With admiration and respect, Oscar Galindo, a notable figure in the industry and the esteemed President and owner of the renowned Puerco Salvaje brewery, expressed his delight in passing the baton to such an enthusiastic individual.

“I am thrilled to hand over the reins to someone so passionate, who will undoubtedly steer the association towards new horizons. Unlike other associations, we possess a meticulously designed long-term plan, which we will ensure receives the continuity it deserves,” Galindo remarked emphatically.

As the Mexicali Microbrewers Association embarks on this exciting new chapter under the visionary leadership of Kenia Vidal, the industry eagerly anticipates the positive changes, fresh perspectives, and the resounding success that lie ahead.

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