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Mexicali Mayor Meets Imperial County Officials to Work On Binational COVID-19 Cooperation


Living in a binational region has many challenges that need to be addressed especially during this pandemic.

On May 21st, Mexicali Mayor Marina Del Pilar Avila Olmeda and his team made a visit to Imperial County. She joined a binational meeting with Imperial County Officials The meeting was held to begin lines of communication and foster the binational relationship and coordinate a response and recovery efforts dealing with COVID-19.

“We focused our meeting in three areas which include sharing efforts and have share information between our emergency services in a quicker manner,” Imperial County Board Chairman Luis Plancarte said.

The meeting was attended by the Mexicali Fire Chief and his county part as well as top administration officials from Mexicali.

“Yesterday we attended the “Binational Contingency Meeting COVID-19” in Centro California, where topics such as strategies with respect to the emergency service during the pandemic, the needs of medical equipment and communication mechanisms, mutual aid,” the Mayor said on Facebook. “Mexicali and the Imperial Valley have a close relationship, now more than ever we have to maintain this strong union for the benefit of all citizens.”

The Imperial County Health Department has said that it was not possible to quantify the impact of Mexicali for the COVID cases in Imperial Valley.

“What we learned is that Mexicali hospitals still have the capacity,” Plancarte said. “The general and state hospitals in Mexicali can still receive patients.”

The meeting with Mexicali officials goes in line with the request the County Board of Supervisors made to California Governor Gavin Newsom asking him to work with Baja California and Mexican Federal authorities regarding the impacts of COVID-19 in the Cali-Baja Mega Region.

“This meeting opens a new era of cooperation and better communication between the County and Mexicali in the future,” Plancarte said.

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