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Mexicali City Council Protests Against B.C. Assembly Ruling

By: Fidel Gastelum, Reporter

With 11 votes against it and one in favor, the Mexicali City Council, in an extraordinary session, expressed its position against the reform carried out by the State Assembly of Baja California, in relation to the extension of the term for the elected governor, Jaime Bonilla, from two to five years.

They stressed that 5 years ago, in 2014, the issue was discussed, and was carried out according to legislative processes in a timely manner, with the intention of splicing state elections with congress, and thus avoid a greater expense on the organization during voting season.

Likewise, they pointed out that the decision of the State Assembly is an outrage against the rule of law, an action that undermines legal certainty, and against citizens’ trust. Besides it harms the image of the electoral institutions, which followed the due process on June 2, to enforce the decision of voters.

On a personal note, the city mayor, Gustavo Sánchez Vázquez, said that it is a painful situation, because of a State Assembly that for years has been against the interests and needs of the municipality, as well as the National Action Party, representing a hard blow to the militants.

It should be noted that in order for the State Assembly reform to proceed, at least three of the five state city councils of each municipality in Baja California must be in favor of it. So far, Tecate and Ensenada have already demonstrated they are in favor, while Mexicali is the only one that has been against the 5 years’ governorship.

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