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Mexicali Business Coordinating Council Presents Nearshoring Project

Mexicali, Baja California- The Mexicali Business Coordinating Council (CCE) unveiled its ambitious Nearshoring project for the city of Mexicali, Baja California during a special press presentation on Tuesday, October 17. The project aims to boost the economic development of the region, strengthen ties with the government, and undertake special projects for the benefit of the community and business owners.

The CCE has played a pivotal role in Mexicali’s economic and business growth, transitioning the city from an agricultural economy to one that encompasses world-class manufacturing, industry, and services sectors. As Mexico faces a changing global geopolitical landscape and evolving domestic public life, the CCE is adapting to current and future challenges.

The action plan for 2023-2024 focuses on three key areas. First, strengthening the CCE’s institutional framework, including updating statutes, incorporating advisory and technical councils, and enhancing communication. Additionally, the plan includes the creation of an Institute for Business Development and ensuring financial self-sufficiency for the organization.

Secondly, the “Mexicali Total Nearshoring Solutions” project stands out, aiming to promote economic development comprehensively. This project seeks to increase income and improve the quality of life for Mexicali residents, leveraging global Nearshoring opportunities.

Thirdly, the CCE aims to enhance its governmental relations by developing connections with various government levels and promoting public evaluation of government management in crucial areas such as security and municipal services.

The CCE also plans to execute special projects, including the professionalization of the Municipal Police and the construction of housing oriented towards the agricultural population. Furthermore, it will encourage collaboration among different business chambers and organizations to strengthen their ability to respond to the business community’s needs.

A special focus lies on collaboration with public safety, where discussions are underway with state and municipal governments to establish cooperation that rewards police officers for good conduct and outstanding service, with the aim of promoting exemplary behavior and contributing to community safety.

The Mexicali Business Coordinating Council is committed to leading the city’s economic development, improving its relations with the government, and carrying out projects for the community and business owners’ benefit.

For more information, please contact the Mexicali Business Coordinating Council.

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