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Mesenchymal stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis and knee wear

By: Dr. Elton Gomez, stem-cells specialist

One more treatment that is proven for osteoarthritis of the knees and wear of other joints, is the one that uses mesenquimal stem cells, this treatment is opening the way to treat more and more patients affected with this disease.

This problem begins with crackles or “thrusts” in the knees, which over time are adding pain and physical limitation, the pain becomes so much that the patient passes from the walking stick, to the walkers, and sometimes from there to the use of a wheelchair, particularly obese patients, because overweight aggravates symptoms.

Mesenchymal stem cells not only have the ability to transform tissues, but also have the ability to direct the regeneration of tissues where they are applied. This is particularly useful and valuable in cases of joint cartilage loss, where the progress is measurable by means of imaging studies.

They are also applied systemically, to recover the immune system, which is also affected in these patients.

These cells act and exert their function through the formation inside them and the expulsion of  microvesicles called “exosomes”, these contain the information of signaling necessary to be able to realize its functions of regeneration of tissues, another strategy of treatment perfectly viable is to separate the exosomes of the mesenchymal stem cells and apply them in the affected area, or systemically through an intravenous application, so that they can regenerate damaged or injured tissues.

Returning to the subject of knee joints, prosthesis surgery or joint replacement is an invasive procedure, and although the complication rate is not so great, it is always a good idea to try other procedures and exhaust possibilities before performing surgery.

The applications in stem cell medicine go far beyond its use in orthopedics, (joints) there are also multiple tests where they are intended to be used for other diseases.

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