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Medical tourism in pandemic times; Medical tourism generated by consequences of COVID

By: Dr. Elton Luis Gómez, a specialist in Regenerative Medicine.

Reading time: 15 minutes.

Houston, Montreal, Costa Rica, Marbella, Tuscany, the Swiss Alps, Munich, Bangkok, Istanbul, Dubai… and Mexicali?

Tourism, in general, has received a strong blow from the pandemic around the world, but health tourism, also called medical tourism, is the type of tourism, which travels to receive medical treatment of any kind outside your country of origin. origin, it is tourism that is expected to experience a rebound in the coming years, due to the fact that thousands of people, people who previously sought quality medical services at competitive prices, must now face the terrible consequences of COVID.

The sequelae of COVID, which patients recovered from this disease must face, are fatigue, tiredness, changes in vision, alterations in the ability to think, calculate, mental speed, and other cognitive alterations mainly, even if they have not had a course of severe disease, even though there was no need to be intubated, or to use supplemental oxygen, these sequelae occur, sometimes months after recovery from the disease.

Alterations at the pulmonary level. alterations at the brain level. and others. such as cardiac complications. of blood pressure. the ability to concentrate. vision disorders. personality disorders. panic attacks. and others. as well as complications of existing diseases before the episode or contagion of COVID, it will be necessary for these people to have to travel to obtain quality medical services, due to the complication in multiple systems, care for these patients must be multidisciplinary, even on a physical and psychological level, Europe currently receives 43% of medical tourism in the world, then ASIA follows, and a smaller percentage of medical tourism is received by the American continent, Mexico continues to be one of the main destinations of medical tourism, throughout the world, but it is Baja California, and its respective cities such as Mexicali or Tijuana, which receive the largest influx of North American and Canadian tourism.

Due to the characteristics of the border area, and because it has been an area that has been especially affected by the COVID19 pandemic, it is an area that is particularly in the Mexicali area, in a good position to care for these patients and improve their quality of life, which has been severely affected by the aftermath of this pandemic.

The main interest of the medical sector should be to improve the quality of life, treat the consequences left by the virus, with knowledge, ethics, responsibility, and the dedication to service that characterizes Mexican doctors.

A secondary effect of the provision of these services will be the improvement of the economy of the border area, benefiting businesses in the health sector, and indirectly to other sectors such as restaurants, hotels, and the service industry.

If you or a family member has suffered from COVID19, and this virus has left you with sequelae such as those mentioned above, it would be very good if you contact your doctor, so that he or she could recommend a center where you can perform the rehabilitation of this aftermath, to return to their previous quality of life, and even better. Greetings.

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