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Meat Festival Strives to Bring Families and The Productive Sector Together


Just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day and have a good time with the family, a press conference was held on April 27 to invite everyone to Mexicali: Capital de la Carne which will take place May 6 at the AgroBaja field.

The cost of the ticket is 300 pesos per person, for which you will have access to 500 grams of meat per person. Children under 12 years of age enter free.

Vicente Torres Rodríguez, Director of the Mexicali: Capital de la Carne movement, said that the objective of the event is to bring the productive sector of cattle and meat producers closer to the consumer.

“We want people to feel proud of what is happening here,” Torres said. “Many people are unaware that Mexicali was a cattle town and that it continues to be one of the largest meat producers nationwide.”

In addition to being a family event, the meat festival aims to benefit the Casa Hogar para Varones (CAHOVA) civil association with a donation to build a new building to serve young people after they turn 18.

“What we want to do is a second stage in CAHOVA.  At 18 years old, children are still very vulnerable to go out into society and what we want to do is a new building where kids can stay while they work and study. The money they make will be retained by CAHOVA as savings so they can rent a room when they decide to go into society. Many do not have relatives or do not want to return with them,” said Marcela Voelker, a representative of the organization.

For his part, Rogelio Bretón will be in charge of the barbecue show that will have a thousand pounds of meat that will be processed among the grillers, chefs, and volunteers from Vizcaya University where they will cook more than 15 dishes and tastings.

According to the site, Turimexico.com, Mexicali has earned recognition as the Capital of Meat. It is the number one place in the country in meat production, which has high-quality standards. It is breeding of fattening cattle allows it a capacity to produce between 250 and 280 thousand head of cattle per year.

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