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Mayor of Mexicali presents Cultural events for 2020 in Mexicali Chinatown


Mexicali, B.C.- At a press conference, members of the Imperial Valley-Mexicali Binational Alliance, headed by the Economic Development Council of Mexicali as well as Institutions and Authorities of Imperial County, in coordination with the Municipal Government, the bi-national agenda of work for 2020 was presented, on issues that impact the border strip.

The municipal president of Mexicali, Marina del Pilar Ávila, presented this morning the calendar of cultural events for 2020, which includes a great collaboration with the Chinese community, who through their representatives made a cordial invitation to Mexicali Chinatown to promote it as a tourist attraction in the region, for the benefit of residents of both borders.

The Mayor of Mexicali highlighted the efforts that have been coordinated with the president of the Chinese community, Rubén Chen, who presented the projects that are planned to rehabilitate the area and restore buildings that become cultural symbols, seeking to create a cultural center and the recreation for visitors, in addition to making it a tourist and economic trigger.

On the other hand, Marina del Pilar presented the calendar of events held in the Mexicali cultural agenda for 2020, highlighting the Chinese New Year festival, which will be held on January 25, combined with the establishment of China Day, the 12th of November; this as a recognition to the contribution and legacy they have represented for generations in Mexicali.

Likewise, Imperial County representatives appreciated the invitation and accepted the commitment to formalize the alliance between Mexicali and Imperial County, in order to promote visits from Imperial County residents to the new sites of interest soon to be restored, which will share part of the historical origin of the region.

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