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Los Reyes Craft Beer Arrives in Mexicali


Coming to Mexicali for the first time to showcase their craft beer, Los Reyes arrived in El Sume so they could exhibit their drinks to a new audience.

Craft beer has been one of the growing industries in the region for the last couple of years so it was no surprise that this week, El Sume welcomed a new player that will soon become one of the people’s favorites.

With this type of activities, Baja California is seeking to reinforce its national leadership in the production of craft beer, by supporting the local talent that is joining this booming industry.

Luis Enrique Reyes, Brewmaster of Los Reyes, said that they have worked since 2013 and have grown since then to create a unique brand people like and find a unique identity with them.

“We are creating a concept that focuses on Baja California and our goal in the near future is to have our beer represent our state globally,” Reyes said.

Drinks like Pumpkin Ale, Blond Ale, Honey Porter, Pale Ale and others were the main tasters of the night that everyone enjoyed along with a raffle and other fun activities.

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