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Launch of ¨Consume La Baja¨ is an opportunity for micro-entrepreneurs


MEXICALI, B.C.- Through a live session, the official store ¨Consume la Baja¨ was launched by the Secretariat of Sustainable Economy and Tourism of Baja California (SESTBC), in support of micro, small and medium enterprises region.

The head of the Secretariat of Sustainable Economy and Tourism, Mario Escobedo Carignan, mentioned: “not all problems of companies are solved with resources, it is time to be creative, particularly with the issue of Covid (…) I think it is a great option for micro and small businesses.”

For her part, the Director of Innovation and Business Ecosystem of the SESTBC, Cristina Rodríguez, thanked the MercadoLibre team for the support and advice to “publicize and promote the excellent products that are being sold, produced and generated in the region, (…) Making the tools that MercadoLibre has available to all entrepreneurs and microentrepreneurs,” she added.

Alehira Orozco Reyes, Director of Government Affairs and Public Policies of Mercado Libre México, clarified the project intends to promote local commerce in the region through the official store, allowing entrepreneurs in the process of migrating to electronic commerce an opportunity to give them visibility at the national level.

The Director of Government Affairs added that the official website offers training for those interested in venturing into this area.  “We appreciate the trust and count on us to activate the local economy and that electronic commerce continues to be one of the engines of economic reactivation,” she emphasized.

She stood out among the benefits of this initiative, which are the greater positioning, ease of physical and digital payment methods, discounts on shipments, and self-management of product advertising.

The way to enter is through an internet search engine and search: Consume la Baja MercadoLibre or through the website: tienda.mercadolibre.com.mx/consumelabaja

For those interested in sales, it is important to register both in MercadoLibre and for the official Consume La Baja store through the form at https://forms.gle/xFtYHsptKZ1hiAqiand make the notice to register.

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