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La Chinesca, Mexico’s Magical Neighborhood


In the company of the Chinese ambassador in Mexico, Zhang Run, and the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda, announced the federal appointment of La Chinesca de Mexicali as Magical Neighborhood, which will enhance an area that largely represents the great cultural diversity that characterizes the Baja Californian lands.

In her message, Marina del Pilar expressed that Mexicali is the seat of a single community made up of Mexico and China and the best example is La Chinesca, where you can find ancient history, gastronomy, traditions, legends, urban landmarks, characters, commerce, and identity, showing that the origin of Mexican society is formed by the union of cultures, a union that gives Baja California a cosmopolitan sense that characterizes its large cities.

“Less than five years ago, we started a project that was longed for by the Mexicali Community: rehabilitate the Historic Center of Mexicali, La Chinesca: its old Chinatown, full of stories of greatness and fantastic legends, which was forgotten, so we decided to start its renaissance hand in hand with the Chinese community, which today has been consolidated,” stressed the governor of Baja California.

The head of the Executive Power indicated that since her period as mayor of Mexicali, the alley of La Chinesca has been rehabilitated, which in her murals tells the history of the Chinese Mexicali community; In addition, the Chinese Pagoda was relocated to the remodeled Glorieta Morelos; and the sculpture El Cimaleón was installed, which represents the fusion of the bighorn sheep, Baja California emblem, with a lion typical of traditional Chinese dances.

Marina del Pilar thanked the current mayor Norma Bustamante for the support for the creation and start-up of the Wok Museum shows the development of Chinese food in Mexicali, and emphasized the construction of the access gate to La Chinesca on Avenida Juárez; and the realization, together with the Chinese Association, of the Chinese New Year festivals, as well as the denomination of November 12 as China Day of Mexicali before the City Council as a recognition of the great social, economic and culture of the Chinese to this city, the capital of Baja California.

“From the State Government, we continue working on public works for La Chinesca, rehabilitating the streets and sidewalks, and installing underground electrical services to improve the urban image of Calle Juárez, Reforma, and Azueta. In addition, we have created important tourist products such as the Cultural Tram that runs through the main buildings and spaces of the Historic Center with the participation of hundreds of children every day during school periods,” he added.

Derived from these and other actions, said Governor Marina del Pilar, the Federal Government Tourism Secretariat (SECTURE) established that La Chinesca becomes the First Magical Neighborhood of Mexico, so it is a historic day for Mexicali and for the entire State of Baja California, which is the result of the effort and the will of thousands of people who have worked to see the city’s main square flourish again.

“Today our city is reinventing itself and rebuilding itself in a new era, our Magical Neighborhood has thousands of stories to tell us, moments to offer us, and experiences to give us,” she reaffirmed and pointed out that the best moment of the relationship between Baja California and China is yet to come. come.

*Marina del Pilar holds a working meeting with the Chinese ambassador in Mexico*

The governor held a working meeting with Zhang Run, Chinese ambassador to Mexico, with whom she shared that Baja California is one of the neuralgic points of the relationship between the two nations since a fruitful exchange of information and cooperation takes place economic, commercial, urban, and technological innovation.

In economic matters, the state president pointed out that China is one of Mexico’s main trading partners and proof of this is that they are the second partner behind the United States, which is why in Baja California emphasis has been placed on increasing exports to the Asian nation of the electronics industry, and the sectors of information technology, auto parts, biomedical technology, aerospace technology, and biotechnology, among others.

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