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L.A. Cetto Wine Harvest Festival, a celebration that must be experienced

By: Ellie Burgueño

For those who have not yet had the joy of knowing the wonderful Wine Country in Baja California and have not had the pleasure of attending one of the many Harvest Festivities, as I did last weekend in L.A. Cetto with its traditional annual Wine Harvest Festival 2019, have missed tremendously.

With favorable weather, a fertile land and the enviable neighborhood with the most powerful state in the United States and the Napa Valley, the Guadalupe Valley in Baja California is forging its own identity and it’s already recognized by most wine lovers internationally, becoming the cradle of Mexican wines that are awarded recognition globally.

On the upper northern border of Mexico, the Guadalupe Valley comprises about 10,000 hectares of crops that are distributed along a corridor of approximately 25 kilometers (15 miles).

The history of this product in the region dates back to the XVIII century when the Jesuits arrived at the place and began the cultivation of the vine. However, its success exploded recently, as the Wine Country was barely consolidated less than a decade ago.

Today, the Guadalupe Valley produces 90% of national wines in Mexico and this is why it’s already a key meeting point for wine tourism everywhere.

Throughout this Baja California region, the Wine Harvest Festival, year after year, officially celebrates during the month of August the grape harvest and culminates the long process of taking care of the vineyard, labor, investment of time and money, in pursue of, despite any risks, harvesting the best fruits.

The Wine Harvest Festival, a celebration that began on July 25 this year and culminates on August 18, is a series of elite parties and events that are held primarily in individual wineries. These events include galas, dinners, wine tasting events and great parties that celebrate the grape harvest season and exhibit local cuisine and wine. They are a remembrance of past times that, in addition to recalling their origin and motive, are also the opportunity to promote destinations such as wineries and the wine tourism environment.

Some of these events are organized by Provino (the organization that plans the festival) where many of the wineries are present and thousands of people come together to enjoy local wine and regional cuisine. These events include the Muestra del Vino (Wine Tasting Event) that kicks-off the Harvest, and the Paellas Contest that wraps up the Harvest on Sunday, August 18.

The Harvest is a time of hope, to see the hard work of a full year materialized. It is the symbol of the ending of the working season for farmers who receive in the fruits the prize for their efforts, and give way to the winemaking process.

During this Wine Harvest Festivities, and after being awarded internationally with some important awards, L.A. Cetto dressed up to celebrate their great Wine Harvest Festival 2019, last Saturday, August 10.

The event began with a Thanksgiving Mass and the blessing of the first grinding. Subsequently, attendees tasted the house wines and participated in the traditional treading of the grapes.

Then the presentation of the awards obtained this year was carried out, along with the first meal course to end with the wonderful performance of international singer, Ricardo Montaner, who delighted more than 2,000 attendees with his compositions and romantic songs.

The party wrapped up with the last course, a delicious dessert along with DJ music and the traditional fireworks in a wonderful, festive and unforgettable atmosphere. No doubt companies like L.A. Cetto and the more than 200 wine houses enrich this region and contribute greatly to the unique wealth and attraction of Baja California, an experience that, undoubtedly, no one should miss.

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