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Journalists’ Day is celebrated today in Mexico


Today, Journalists’ Day is celebrated in Mexico, a holiday in honor of Manuel Caballero, considered the father of journalism and who died this same day in 1926 in Mexico City. Mexican journalist and writer, Caballero introduced the sensationalist sense to the news of the Porfiriato, a period during which the country was under the military mandate of Porfirio Díaz, which lasted until 1911.

First, it was the typewriter, then the transistor was invented and now, Mexican journalists commemorate today, January 4, with keyboard and mouse in hand, Journalists’ Day. An essential date to commemorate a work of great social benefit.

Today, Mexican journalists and communicators celebrate this date and honor the important media work of all those responsible for disseminating information clearly and truthfully. The informative rigor is a maxim that with the arrival of the Internet is disappearing. Therefore, we must continue to defend the principles of a very old but very necessary profession.



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