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Jazmin Roa, A Woman Who Welcomes Challenge

-Introducing her own brand: Seis5 Bistro

Six years ago, Jazmín began her journey as an entrepreneur and, looking for a Mexican product brand, she found Café Punta del Cielo, a franchise that gave her the opportunity to experience the wonderful world of coffee.

Being an enterprising and restless woman, near the end of her contract with the franchise, she decided to now launch her own brand in order to offer her demanding clientele a greater variety of quality, organic products, a wide range of coffees and beverages, as well as a delicious bistro food menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks and at a very affordable cost, for that reason she named her new own brand Seis5 Bistro, a place where alone, accompanied, with family, business or to go, her clients find a comfortable environment with excellent service.

Jazmín Roa has managed to make of her company an inclusive and highly successful company, so taking the challenge of transforming and dressing her own brand, fills her of inspiration and desire to consolidate her own Baja Californian brand with high-quality products.

“I continue to be the businesswoman who believes in Mexico, because when I acquired the franchise 6 years ago, I acquired it because it was a Mexican company, not for what it was, I didn’t know if I was going to dedicate myself to coffee, to a restaurant business, to a clothing business, to a furniture business, I didn’t know what, but I wanted it to be a Mexican company, my ideology as an entrepreneur is to support Mexico, to believe in Mexico, that the little granite that I contribute it’s Mexican, so that’s why I continue with a Mexican brand, a Mexican product and I invite you all to come and try the excellent organic products we have, it is a coffee from Chiapas, it is harvested at 2400 meters from sea level and it brings 84 points, it’s an exceptional high-ground coffee,” said Jazmin.

Why Coffee?

“Because I was not looking for fashion business and the first drink that is taken in the world is water, the second is coffee. Coffee is not a fashion business and I didn’t want to have a blink of an eye business but to arrive and stay forever.”

What expectation should customers have of Seis5 Bistro?

“Quality. Quality in food, quality in drinks, such as coffee, infusions, we have a new size at the request of the public that is the “enormous” drink in cold drinks, why? Because in the heat of Mexicali we always want to quench our thirst, then we started with the “enormous” size drink, we started with more Mexican drinks, like a marzipan frappe, with energy drinks, and we put a variety of things that are more dietetic than vegan, now that we are adapting to the needs of our customers.”

What are your locations?

“Plaza Cimarrón, in front of UABC; Gran Vía, in front of Cetys; and next month we open the third location on 9th Street, in Novena Shops, and in November we will open the 4th branch of Seis5 Bistro in Zona Rio, Tijuana, in front of the Attorney General’s Office.”

What are your plans for the near future?

“Consolidating the Seis5 Bistro brand, letting our customers know we are still the same company with a greater variety of products and why not say so? With better quality, that we consume the well done in Mexico, that we stop being fashionistas. Mexico has exceptional coffee producers and you can check it out at Seis5 Bistro, either coming to have a good coffee or taking it home, to your office or to your company.”

What inspired you?

“I got the inspiration from my former partner-colleague, Pablo Gonzalez Cid, because instead of discouraging me for making the decision to start my own business, he congratulated me and supported me, who perhaps could have been the person who could have given me the most problems, on the contrary, he inspired me to continue my project.”

What message would you like to share with our readers?

“I want to say that Seis5 Bistro is a 100% Mexican company with 100% Mexican coffee of organic origin that is now from Chiapas, but as we move forward, starting next year, we will also have other Mexican regions such as Oaxaca and Veracruz. We handle a large variety of mergers, we have an extensive menu of food for breakfast, lunch or appetizers and for dinner, it is Bistro food. What is Bistro food? It is Gourmet fast food, at very affordable prices, in all of our branches, where you can spend a pleasant time in a beautiful place. And the best thing about coming to Seis5 Bistro is that you don’t need to be accompanied, you can come alone to read a book and, if you like, just have a coffee, a delicious cappuccino, a latte, or if you want to come to eat, you can come with friends, you can come with family, you can come for business, we have business rooms for meetings, then it’s a place where you don’t feel uncomfortable alone, you don’t feel uncomfortable in company, we are open from 6am to 11:30 pm.

Finally, I want to motivate you all to support local business; let’s support Mexican companies. I would like to emphasize that we are an inclusive company, 80% of the staff that started working with me 6 years ago, continues working for me, with a greater variety of products and beverages. We are a great family and we continue to serve our customers with the same enthusiasm.”

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