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Jaime Dávila Galván, tax lawyer, entrepreneur and social activist


Jaime Dávila, is a man of challenges, efforts and work, who has managed to position himself as one of the best tax lawyers in the region and in Mexico. His passion for his hometown has led him not only to lead with ethics and professionalism in his profession and achieve a good reputation for his law firm “Dávila & Asociados – Lawyers, Accountants and Economists”, but also has focused on contributing to the community in several important areas such as: ecology, environment, safety and culture.

In an exclusive interview, he told us about his facets:

The tax attorney. –

“As a tax lawyer, in my profession, my mission is to respect the rule of law and legality in our country and in the community.”

The cultural promoter. –

“I believe that culture is an invaluable tool to be able to make our state, our country and our municipality grow. Dávila & Asociados has been sponsoring plays for several years in order to promote that aspect of the culture that we have abandoned. I think we should stop dedicating so much money to safety and dedicate a little more to culture, by doing it that way we will have more children with guitars and books in their hands, with stories in their hands, and we will have one less criminal in the streets, or someone less likely to commit a crime.”

The social activist on the subject of ecology and environment. –

“The issue of ecology arises because of the environmental contingency that we have throughout the year but which is in peak crisis in the month of December. In fact, the ecological group to which I belong and preside, emerged a month of December, concerned about the high levels of pollution and for seeing that neither citizens nor governments do much to resolve this problem. We have been working for more than a year, we have done reforestation campaigns, we have done training campaigns for children, teaching children to take care of the environment. In December we had 2 booths in the Mexicali Christmas Village, where children visited  and we offered a brief workshop of 5 minutes where they were taught to sow a seed, they were taught to commit themselves to the environment, they signed a mural that we had for children to commit, and we had thousands of attendees in December to the Christmas Village, at our booth and if you remember, on January 1st we had a strong decrease in pollution in our city. It’s a job that has to be permanent, and we have to invite citizens to commit themselves. We can’t blame everything on the government. The government does its part, the government is quite irresponsible with this issue, but we have to push for things to change, it’s such an important issue for citizens and for our health.”

His support to vulnerable groups. –

“At the Law firm, throughout the year, we do different events, and we always try to support vulnerable groups. Now in this 2019, we started with an activity in the month of February, where we trained women to use pepper spray. The professional firm carried out 3 events, each of 70 people on average. All women were given a pepper spray, and we had elements of public safety to train them, in a 3 hours’ workshop, approximately 40 minutes of theory and the rest was practice with each one of the attendees. A little exercise was done so that they learned how to properly use pepper spray because if you don’t have this training and this experience, it can be used against you or you can cause damage to yourself.”

His role as a professional. –

“As a professional, I belong to the Mexican tax academy, it is a national bar association of lawyers and accountants. I had the honor of being vice-president for 4 years and president for the last 2 years. I just turned in my responsibility now in the month of February, after 2 years of intense work in the academy. As a businessman, I’m part of the Sales and Marketing Executives Association of Mexicali, and I am also a national vice-president of the Mexican confederation of Sales and Marketing Executives.”

His Goals. –

“As a man of challenges, of efforts and work, I would like, in the ecological aspect, to have a magnum opus, a wonderful park that can partially solve the effects of pollution. Cities like San Luis Potosí, like Monterrey, have wonderful parks, we don’t have them here. We need to pressure governments to commit themselves so that we have a decent park, and we have just here the rail yards that are 30 hectares which we can take advantage of and have a park for all Mexicali families.”

His message to the community. –

“My final message to Mexicali society is that we commit ourselves to have a city that is more beautiful, more dignified, and cleaner for all of us and our families.”

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