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IVC Celebrates Expansion of Student Facility


Hearing the demand from students about the need to expand the college center at Imperial Valley College to improve student life and activities, a new and improved expanded facility was inaugurated on Aug. 24 followed by a big celebration. 

Students and faculty gathered to witness the ribbon cutting of the college’s main student facility. 

“This is a grassroots effort by our students,” said Lennor Johnson, President/Superintendent of Imperial Valley College. “This is the only place we hold events so every time we hold an event it would impact our students since they would have to be in the hallway or outside in the heat to eat and congregate. They advocated for this and we as a board and faculty worked to make it happen.”

Associated Student Government President Itzel Landeros, a political science transfer major, said that this was one of the main priorities for them and this was the biggest achievement in the history of the student government organization. 

“This is a place where students can gather and continue being part of a community that brings trust and positivity. This is a result of what student voices can have,” Landeros said. 

The College Center has an additional area where the Student Government or campus clubs can hold events. The building can be divided into two so it doesn’t interfere with lunch or study time for the students. 

Barbara Reyes, a Sociology teacher at IVC since 2013, believes that campus renovations such as this one will help increase the morale of the students.

“It was long overdue, our students needed a place like this to read and socialize more than ever and hopefully they will come here to eat, study, and network with other students,” Reyes said. 

IVC President Karla Sigmond said that this is the result of listening to the community and acting on it. She said that the old facility needed to be restored and it was long overdue.

“We needed a place where students can feel safe, comfortable, and ready to learn,” Sigmond said. 

At this moment there are several renovations which include classroom renovations that will be done in the Spring of 2023. 

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