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International Cooperation

By: Terry Ahtziry Cardenas Banda, attorney, and former professor.

In these times great political, social, legal, environmental, and cultural changes are happening around the world. Different countries have achieved important changes, such as the recognition of rights for women, human rights recognitions, migratory advances, scientific advances, among others. Mexico lives its own changes, as well as the United States, both countries are experiencing very particular political and legal changes.

All these changes that different countries are going through are in the search for national development to achieve the common good for their countries, or at least, that should be the reason for any progress or change in a country, to achieve that everyone has the same rights, as well as ending injustices, and always seeking for equal rights, social and economic development of the country.

Every country to achieve optimal development needs to be in contact with the other countries not only to be aware of their situations but to work together to seek growth opportunities for their countries. That is the reason of the importance of international cooperation because it is the way in which countries work together to improve the situation of their respective countries in different areas such as economic, social and legal.

Conflicts arise when there is not a good international relation between nations, which leads to the suffering of its population creating insecurity, inequalities, and precariousness in the country. It is important that nations have good communication, always looking for international agreements for the common good of their nations.

That is why it is of the utmost importance that the United States and Mexico have good relations, especially in this time of great changes for both nations, their relations must be closely linked in such important matters as migration, health, education, as well as in the field economic, legal and social.

Both countries face major challenges that must be tackled together, such as human trafficking, which is on the rise and is a big binational problem that the borders of the United States and Mexico face. As well as migratory problems, today a large number of migrants have reached both countries, so it is important to work together to provide opportunities for refugees who are suffering from great problems and who live them day by day as migrants.

Also, in economic matters the relations between both countries have always been of the utmost importance since the economies of both countries are closely linked, it is important that they continue their international cooperation, especially in the border area which day by day is in constant motion. It is important that Mexico and the United States have a good international relationship, as they have had until now in different sectors, but it is also important to grow and to create greater opportunities for development and benefits for both countries.

In a border area, the need for a good relationship between countries will always be more latent because from it depends that life in the border is safe and peaceful. When there are conflicts between countries, the border is the first to experience the consequences of bad relations, so it is important that border governments continue working together to achieve better development opportunities at the border and create cooperation agreements to support each other to attack and solve the problems that are experienced at the border.

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