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Interior trending design 2021

By: Virgilio Anguiano, Architect.

The year 2020 has been a long and not very comfortable year, therefore, we want to start 2021 with great enthusiasm and these are the interior design trends and colors that will be trending in 2021, we must take colors seriously into consideration because they define the perception of spaces and inspire emotions.

Navy Blue, which is a very classic color and will be defined as the new “black”, this in accordance with the colors proposed by the Pantone Institute. Dark colors will always be a trigger that marks and defines elegance. On the other hand, textures have always been a compliment, but this year colors will be accentuated in combination with very marked styles, especially minimalist looking with a great impetus to create spaces as open as possible.

Japandi is one of the newest current trends in decor this year, and it’s here to stay. What’s Japandi? This is a mix of two styles: modern and rustic Scandinavian and traditional elegance of Japanese decor. It’s not surprising that these two styles are mixed into one, they both are about creating functional interiors with some statement pieces and not an abundance of decor. Contrasting Colors Scandinavian style is characterized by a mix of light, neutral hues, natural woods, and pops of pastel accents. Japanese style is built from stained or light-colored woods surrounded by eye-catching additions of black.

Industrial style is a trend that since it emerged with the impetus to transform spaces that were previously workshops or small factories, the simple, rustic, minimalist has always been one of the trends that are always in trend and this coming year will not be the exception.

Industrial elegance can be into the interior with design elements such as painted brick walls, concrete or wooden floors, metal stools, crystal chandeliers and many other design pieces. The best part of the industrial style is that it can perfectly match neutral and gray colors, light woods and other interior trends. On the other hand, we must mention the furniture which is the complement for those interior spaces that inspire 2021.

One of the tendencies that have been on top is the production of furniture using epoxy resin, the making of this gives a very wide option to bring color, textures and visual conceptions since this includes all elements natural and artificial that are around us and the artistic contributions of the craftsman that is taking as main element on the conception of every single furniture or another decorative element since they are artisanal and unique bringing sensations of warm or cold spaces to contrast to color and textures on wall or floors.

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