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Inspiration and a Call to Environmental Action Defines 2nd Annual Expo Verde


The second annual Expo Verde in Mexicali attracted families and people of the community whose primary goal was to educate citizens on how to help the environment and most importantly, to be better citizens.

Right after the ribbon cutting, hundreds of people arrived at the parking lot of FEX where there were activities for everyone and even pets were allowed to join the festivities.

Organized by the Citizen Committee of Ecology and Environment of Mexicali, the event had everything for everyone, environmental exhibitions conferences, events and activities for children, participation of various groups in environmental matters, ecological events for the whole family, and cultivation and germination of seeds.

“The goal of this Expo is to encourage civic responsibility and their commitment to the environment. We as citizens can solve any challenge we have if we do it together,” said Jaime Davila, organizer of Expo Verde (Green Expo).

From the police K-9 unit to different organizations, the people that attended were able to get educated about the environment and how to participate in organizations that help the community. Beyond Borders Gazette participated in this event along with our mascot, Leo, the Lion.

“We are concerned about our city since we are one of the most polluted ones in the world and that’s a red alert,” said Edgar Gomez, a member of the organizing committee. “Thanks to our work with Jaime Davila we are addressing environmental matters in our city.”

Ernesto Torres of the ecological group “Compostate Bien” was one of the exhibitors and speakers at the expo. Their mission is the collection of organic waste, which after being treated, generates compost that will be returned to the people that know how to separate this type of waste from the rest of their garbage.

They collect food-derived waste, such as fruit and vegetable peels and pits, egg shells, and coffee, and tea residues, to name a few.

Conrado Perez is an environmental activist, a citizen, that is concerned about his city and gets involved in several organizations that help the environment.

“I propose that we create awareness of doing better waste management so that citizens are not subject to sanctions and promote areas of opportunity to creating waste management companies in the Mexicali Valley,” Perez said. “If I can inspire five young people to help others manage their waste they can start a career in this industry,” he said.

Daniel Quihuis, is the Director of Biobreak Industries. The company was created by a group of experts in ecology, plastics and packaging, to provide environmental solutions to all industries, reducing the carbon footprint of companies and products, and avoiding plastic pollution.

They recover post-industrial organic waste to manufacture all their biobased resins, biodegradable additives and compostable bioplastics. The biodegradation and compostability of these compounds are activated by the attraction of microorganisms and bacteria found in nature, in landfills and industrial composts, aerobically and anaerobically.

“We have saved one million tons of plastic and that’s one of the many successes we had in doing our part to protect the environment,” Quihuis said.

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