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Industrial Women celebrate International Women’s Day


Within the commemoration of International Women’s Day framework, the group formed by Industrial Women of the National Chamber of Transformation Industry (Canacintra) Mexicali, held a Breakfast-Conference with the theme “Overcoming Fears and Embracing Success”, directed to women representatives of Small and Medium Businesses and Industries of the region.

This event was led by the Vice President of Industrial Women’s Group, Maria Teresa Babún Villarreal, in coordination with her committee of Mujeres Empresarias Canacintra (Canacintra Business Women), formed by Hilda López, Dalila Carrillo, Patricia López, Osmayra Padilla Babun, Helia Vasquez, Magui Rochin, Verónica Carrillo, Miriam Jo, Cecy Navarro, Martha Parada, Ellie Burgueño, and Speaker to the event and Psychologist Maria de la Paz Moreno, all coordinated efforts with the President of the chamber, José Eugenio Lagarde Amaya, for the making of this event.

The guests gathered on Wednesday, March 7 at 8 in the morning at the Camac Social Club, with a total of 160 people attending, 90% of them women. The Opening Ceremony was presided by the Mayor of the XXII City Council of Mexicali, Gustavo Sánchez Vásquez; the President of Canacintra Mexicali, José Eugenio Lagarde Amaya; the Vice President of Women Canacintra Mexicali, Teresa Babún Villarreal; the President of the Municipal DIF, Margarita Flores Guízar; the President of Canacintra San Luis Río Colorado, Arletth Villarreal Garza; Congresswoman with licence Gina Andrea Cruz Blackledge and State of Baja California Assemblymember Maria Trinidad Vaca Chacón.

Eugenio Lagarde, stressed the importance of women’s work: “we must,” he said, “continue working as a society for equity in all areas, in addition to recognizing in his speech the work of the Vice President in charge of the Women’s Group”.

In parallel, the leader of CANACINTRA Industrial Women, highlighted the work of all women who are part of the commission for women entrepreneurs, stating their determination to continue working for the development of women through courses, training and conferences. “Encouraging the participation of women in business chambers,” she concluded, “will continue to be an important part of the CANACINTRA Women’s Commission work plan, since they have a lot in terms of experience, leadership and vision to benefit the industrial sector of Mexicali”. Teresa Babún introduced the team which is currently part of the Women Entrepreneurs Committee of CANACINTRA and invited more women to join the commission.

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