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Index Mexicali will receive the Marketing Award 2017

The Association of Maquiladoras of Mexicali, also known as Index Mexicali, was chosen by the Association of Sales and Marketing Executives in Mexicali (EVM) to receive the award as “Marketing Award 2017”, for its work to benefit the Cachanilla community and the Index community.

The president of EVM, Jaime Dávila Galván, pointed out that for Index Mexicali to have been chosen for the award, they had complied this year with two fundamental principles; the first is a pact with the community from an economic and business perspective in which they exercise a leadership in the entity, and the second is social responsibility, in this case with its membership and the Index Mexicali Foundation they have showed a high commitment with the community fulfilling this second requirement.

The president of Index Mexicali, Salvador Maese Barraza, thanked the sector for the recognition, “We feel very fortunate, we know that this award given by the Sales and Marketing Executives in Mexicali recognizes us as the most important economic sector with 50 years of history in the maquiladora model and something very important, the work we do in social responsibility with Index Mexicali Foundation, giving positive results, helping in the most vulnerable areas all the maquiladora industry workers’ children so they can continue their education and help them in health issues.”

The award ceremony will be held on November 30 at the traditional annual Index dinner at the Mexicali Casino.

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