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Index Mexicali Presents Work Plan


MEXICALI, B. C.- The 2021-2022 work plan of the Association of Maquiladoras of Mexicali (INDEX Mexicali) was presented by President José Joaquín Jiménez Arriaga. At a press conference, members of the Board of Directors, the Vice President of the Board of Directors, Alfredo García, and Salvador Maese were present.

The interest in reactivating the economy was pointed out in this presentation, due to the current crisis that has been experienced by the pandemic, as well as regarding the application of vaccines against COVID-19.

The President of INDEX commented that one of the main points of his work plan focuses on work and dialogue in conjunction with the current government. It was commented, they had a meeting with the State Secretary of Health, and at the national level, a proposal was made so that the business sector has access to the purchase of vaccines, however, this will be until 2024, since the production batch of them is committed to governments.

Jimenez Arriaga commented that the main concern is to reactivate the economy in the coming months, adhering to sanitary prevention measures, adding that the industries that provide basic services and sales are those that have been able to reactivate more quickly, unlike the restaurant sector.

The association has 70 thousand registered employees in Mexicali and 125 affiliated companies. There is a record of 50% in terms of job recovery.

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