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Index Golf Tournaments Brings Out the Best of the Industrial Sector in Mexicali


The hot and humid Mexicali autumn didn’t stop the fun and camaraderie between industry workers during the second Index-Imagen Radio golf tournament at Club Campestre in Mexicali. 

This event was used to promote recreation through sports, in addition to being a meeting point between businessmen and suppliers, as well as a link for future negotiations and with which trade in the region is encouraged.

“This is the second event we do with Grupo Imagen and what we are looking for is a connection between all of us and talk about what is happening in the industry and allow providers to promote themselves,” said José Joaquín Jimenez Arriaga, President of Index Mexicali. “We also want to take this opportunity to talk about how we are doing after the pandemic and the challenges ahead.” 

Present at the event was Imagen news anchor Francisco Zea who said to be impressed by the unity of the business community in Mexicali.

“I travel a lot every week and what I’m most surprised about is the synergy and union of the people of Mexicali to find common ground,” Zea told Beyond Borders Gazette. “Life on the border is complicated, it’s a life between two worlds and they understand it very well. I see the industrial sector, the customs brokers, and the maquila sector with the same message, and that is something that you don’t see in other places I travel.” 

The golf tournament also helped Index members to promote their products. One of them was Jose Diaz Operations Director of MPI Servicios Industriales. This was the first year he participated in the golf tournament and was very productive for him.

“This is a good opportunity for networking and getting our company known in the industrial sector,” Diaz said. 

Jose Luis Ceja from Optica Eclipse also participated in the event. They own a mobile unit that is equipped to go to the businesses and provide visual evaluations and have all the health and safety requirements the companies require.

“This is our first year as members of Index and this event is allowing us to get our name out there and create relationships,” Ceja said.

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