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Imperial County Response to COVID-19


Luis Plancarte was appointed chairman of the board of Imperial County for 2020 not knowing he would face as the leader of the county the most challenging time of this generation.

Plancarte works along with county staff and employees to make sure the county continues with their services while they work to protect public health.

Imperial County has been the hardest-hit area in California due to COVID-19. National media such as CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times has shown what we lack and the impacts of the pandemic.

Plancarte said that the state of California has provided the resources needed to the county for the COVID-19 response.

In an interview on the Beyond Borders Gazette Instagram page on July 31st, Imperial County Board Chairman Luis Plancarte spoke about the actions the county has taken to make sure the health of the people is preserved.

“The pandemic has overtasked everyone’s resources. County, state, cities, families, businesses. Everyone has been touched in different ways,” Plancarte said.

This week the Imperial County reached surpassing the 200 death related to COVID-19.

“Unfortunately we will have some businesses that won’t be coming back but those people can always start from scratch,” Plancarte said. “The lives we have lost is something we can’t do over and can’t recover,”

Plancarte also spoke about the help they have done to the most vulnerable such as the homeless. Aided by state grant funds, the Imperial County Department of Social Services—working alongside other Imperial County Continuum of Care Council (IVCCC) and other county services—to provide housing to the homeless who otherwise would be unable to shelter in place. The county launched the COVID-19 Homeless Housing Program as a key step to shelter homeless individuals who have tested positive for the virus but are not ill enough to be hospitalized.

The ten trailers serve to quarantine those homeless with a positive COVID-19 test result while also serve to contain the spread of the virus between a high-risk community.


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