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Imperial County District Attorney Launches Prosecutor/Police Immersion Program


The District Attorney is delighted to announce the commencement of the Prosecutor/Police Immersion Program (PPI). On August 1st, District Attorney George Marquez initiated a pilot program in collaboration with Brawley Police Chief Jimmy Duran, assigning a prosecutor to the Brawley Police Station.

The Prosecutor/Police Immersion Program (PPI) primarily aims to enhance the efficiency of criminal investigations and expedite case filings through the DA’s office. The Deputy District Attorney assigned provides law enforcement officers with real-time legal expertise, assists with witness interviews, facilitates search warrants, and can readily aid officers at crime scenes. Additionally, the assigned prosecutor possesses the discretion to manage cases comprehensively and connect victims with support services from the very outset.

DA Marquez expressed satisfaction with the pilot PPI program, stating, “We have observed significant success thus far. Both of our offices have functioned more efficiently and expediently as a result. Consequently, in September, the DA has assigned a prosecutor to the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office, the Imperial Police Department, the El Centro Police Department, and the Calexico Police Department.”

Brawley Police Chief Jimmy Duran affirmed that the program is making a substantial difference. He emphasized, “When time is of the essence, having an in-house attorney who can promptly assess the situation, authorize warrants, or provide investigative guidance significantly enhances public safety.”

Deputy District Attorney Ana Sebastian, the first prosecutor assigned to the program, noted that their presence within the police station offers invaluable insights into cases. “It adds an additional perspective beyond the reports,” DDA Sebastian explained. “We gain a genuine understanding of the witnesses, and victims, and can firsthand observe the public safety risks certain cases may pose.”

The Imperial County District Attorney’s Office is dedicated to collaborating with other law enforcement agencies to explore more effective approaches to prosecuting criminal defendants.

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